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Sunday, March 27, 2011

New Parochial Administrator of our church...

The blog has learned today the name of our new Parochial Administrator; Father Darell Roman.  Father Roman is currently the associate pastor at St. Joseph Church in Lake Orion, MI.  In addition to his duties at St Joseph, Father Roman will be the Parochial Administrator of St. Josaphat and pastor of Sweetest Heart of Mary.  Here is his biography from the St. Joseph Church in Lake Orion's web site:

 My name is Fr. Darrell Roman. I was born in Detroit on October 9, 1961 to Albie and Sylvia (Bugaj) Roman. I am the oldest of three children. My youngest sister, Emily, is married to Matt Kopko and they have three boys: Gabriel, Nicholas, and Gregory. I also have a younger brother, Christopher.

I grew up in Livonia and attended St. Robert Bellarmine Grade School, Bishop Borgess High School, and Madonna College. In 1985, I entered the Society of Christ in Poland. The charism of the order is to minister to Polish immigrants throughout the world. After being ordained in Poznan, Poland in 1993, I was assigned to a number of parishes in the United States.

After a period of prayer and discernment, I felt God calling me to minister as a Diocesan priest. I am looking forward to spending the next two years here at St. Joseph as your associate pastor and being a part of your parish family.

"Ite ad Joseph!"

Stephen Weber

Parishioner, seminarian and international man of mystery, Stephen Weber, sent these pics from his current home in Dublin Ireland.  Stephen is in the back row, third from the right Check them out!

Stephen also sent the blog a video of a recent Mass he attended.  Stephen is in the video around 6 minutes in.  You can access it here.

Stephen will keep us posted on his journey to the priesthood.

"Ite ad Joseph!"

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The end of a great day...

It was another beautiful celebration for our patron today.  Thanks to all those who made it happen, dedicating not only long hours today, but also all the hard work that wen't into preparing for this special day.
And of course a special thanks needs to go to our patron, our beloved St. Joseph!  Thank you St. Joseph, stay with us and help guide us in the days and months ahead.
"Ite ad Joseph!"


It is just past 8:30 pm. and the final confessions are taking place.  Literally hundreds of confessions were heard today  by our pastor Father Czarnota and visiting priest  Father Charles Altermatt from Holy Redeemer:

A special thanks to these holy priests; they truly made St. Joseph's day  a day of prayer and peace!

"Ite ad Joseph!"

Final church tour...

The final church tour on St. Joseph's day was given by parish historian and patriarch Patrick Degens;

It was an amazing tour! Thank you Patrick for all you do!

"Ite ad Joseph!"

Final Mass on St. Joseph's day

The final Mass on St. Joseph's day was held at 6:00 p.m.  It was an Novus Ordo Mass, in English, for the second Sunday in Lent.  For this Mass, roughly 300 faithful attended!

"Ite ad Joseph!"

Battle of BACH!

Two organ recitals were performed this year.  One by St. Matthew's parish organist, choirmaster and music aficionado Joesph Balistreri:
And the other by our very own parish organist, choirmaster, music aficionado and overall decent fellow Michael Semaan:
You guys ROCK!

"Ite ad Joseph!"

Sacred music from the Tridentine Mass

Here is taste of the beautiful music arranged by parish organist, choirmaster, music aficionado and overall decent fellow Michael Semaan for the Tridentine Mass at noon:

"Ite ad Joseph!"

The choir...

The choir was absolutely amazing at all the Masses today.  Here are a few photos of these "unsung" (pun intended) hero's!

"Ite ad Joseph!"

High Mass at high noon...

This year we offered a Tridentine High Mass at noon.  This Mass drew a crowd of between 350-450 faithful!  Here are few pictures of the event.  The celebrant was our pastor Fr. Czarnota.

..the Altar...
..the procession...


...the readings and Holy Gospel...


...incensing of the priest...

...the elevation of the Host...

...and the Chalice...

...Lord i am not worthy...

...Holy Communion...

...the final blessing...

The Mass was beautiful; thank you to Father Czarnota and the Tridentine Community at St. Josaphat for making it possible!

"Ite ad Joseph!"

Preparation for the pasta and soup dinner

One of the great features of St. Joseph's day, is that pilgrims don't have to leave when they get hungry.  This year the parish offered a pasta and soup dinner for a modest fee!  Here's a look at the preparations:

A special thanks to all the volunteers who worked in the hot kitchen all day!

"Ite ad Joseph!"

Special visitors from St. Joseph Chaldean Catholic Church

We were blessed by a visit from the Chaldean community from St. Joseph's Chaldean Catholic Church in Troy.  Close to 50 of their parishioners showed up to support us on our mutual patrons feast!!!  One of their parishioners graciously lead us in the Rosary!
We cannot thank these special people enough for their continued generosity and patronage to our church!

"Ite ad Joseph!"

The morning church tour...

Parish sacristan and archaeologist, Sean Dey, gave the first church tour today at a little after 10 am. 

Among the treasures our church has, Sean highlighted the "Death of St. Joseph" window:

This scene confirms why St. Joseph is the patron saint of happy deaths, for at the time of his death he was in the company of the Blessed Mother and our Lord Jesus Christ.

Thanks Sean!

"Ite ad Joseph"!

Religious items for sale

At all our special  church events, we always have a plethora of religious items for sale.  This year's St. Joseph's day collection was the largest ever!  Check out what we had to offer our pilgrims this year!

And there is more!

A very special thanks to the Jeanne Dunne and her mother Joanne Hampton working the religious items store on this special day!

"Ite ad Joseph!"

St. Joseph's day altar in the Parish Hall

This year's St. Joseph's day altar turned out beautiful!  A typical St. Joseph's altar has three levels representing the Holy Trinity.  Check it out this year's creation! 

In addtion to the traditional St. Joseph's bread, sweets are always welcome on St. Joseph's altar because St. Joseph is also the patron saint of pastry chefs!

A special thanks to Julie Eatmon from St. Josaphat Parish for making this Altar possible!

"Ite ad Joseph!"

First Mass on St. Joseph's day

The first Mass on St. Joseph's day was at 8:30 a.m.; the celebrant was Father Charles Altermatt:
Following the Mass was Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament in addition to a blessing with our Relic of St. Joseph!

"Ite ad Joseph!"

St. Joseph's Day is here!

Today is St. Joseph's day! 

See everyone downtown!

"Ite ad Joseph!"

Monday, March 14, 2011

Michigan Catholic ad for St. Joseph's Day

A special thanks to Sharon Fromm who coordinated the design and print of this year's ad in the Michigan Catholic for St. Joseph's Day! Thanks Sharon!
St. Joseph's Day Ad - The Michigan Catholic

"Ite ad Joseph!"

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The first Sunday of Lent

Today is the first Sunday of Lent.  Here's the Introit from today's Mass; Psalm 90;

"When he calls me, I will answer him; I will rescue him and honor him; with my long life I will satisfy him.  He who abides in the shelter of the Most High, shall remain under the protection of the God of Heaven"

And from the Preface;

"...His fast of forty days makes this a holy season of self-denial.  By rejecting the devil's temptations he has taught us to rid ourselves of the hidden corruption of evil, and so to share his paschal meal in purity of heart, until we come to its fulfilment in the promised land of heaven..."
Let's us pray for our own purity of heart so that we too may earn the promised land of heaven.

"Ite ad Joseph!"

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Don't forget, confessions start today after the 10:00a.m. Mass!

"Ite ad Joseph!"

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March 2011 Liturgical Music Schedule

Parish organist, choirmaster, music aficionado, and overall decent fellow Michael Semaan, has provided the blog with the Liturgical Music schedule for March 2011. 

Sunday, March 13, 2011
First Sunday of Lent
10:00 AM Latin Novus Ordo Mass
Mass in honor of St. John the Baptist – Jean Rene Quignard
Invocabit me – Gregorian chant
Miserere mei – Antonio Lotti
Scapulis suis – Gregorian chant

Saturday, March 19, 2011
Solemnity of St. Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Noon Latin Tridentine Mass
Missa St. Joannis de Deo with orchestra – Franz Joseph Haydn
Justus ut palma – Gregorian chant
Veritas mea – Gregorian chant
Beatus vir – Zdenek Fibich
Joseph fili David – Gregorian chant
Locus Iste – Anton Bruckner

Saturday, March 19, 2011
Solemnity of St. Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary
6:00 PM English Novus Ordo Mass
Missa St. Joannis de Deo with orchestra – Franz Joseph Haydn
Beatus vir – Zdenek Fibich
Locus Iste – Anton Bruckner

"Ite ad Joseph!"