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Monday, May 17, 2010

Fr. Mark Borkowski

Here is an excerpt from Fr. Mark’s good-bye letter to the cluster;

“And finally my dear St. Joseph Church, the last to join our happy cluster! I never really expected to have the honor of being in charge of you. Though the fact of the matter is that St. Joseph was the very first Catholic Church in the city of Detroit I ever stepped foot in or ever attended Mass at. I know your history well also and when I was given charge of you, I did my very best to take the parish back to the glory days of Fr. Bresnahan, a happy memory. I know you appreciated my attempt because you told me. But my dear friends, on this day I think we can all see that St. Joseph is a strong as it can possibly be at this moment and that the threat of closure has passed for you. But I must caution you that his is NOT the time to rest upon your laurels. Keep working hard, you have too much more to achieve. But you are on your way. And we will never forget our time together.”

Father Mark may be contacted at

"Ite ad Joseph!"

1 comment:

P Gordon said...

This is truly a shock. I've known Fr. Mark for some years now, but I haven't been in touch for the last couple. Was he transferred? Thanks.