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Monday, May 31, 2010

Prayer to St. Joseph for the Work of the Archdiocese of Detroit

Here is a prayer on the Archdiocese's website to St. Joseph!

O Blessed St. Joseph, faithful son of Father Abraham and outstanding descendent of King David, because of the gifts of grace which the Holy Spirit poured out upon you, God the Father chose you to be the foster father of his only-begotten Son Jesus Christ, and husband of Christ's Mother the Virgin Mary. It was your great vocation to be the head and protector of the Holy Family. And without counting the cost, you gave your whole heart and mind and soul to this most noble task in Salvation History.

Because of this great mission and the graces you were given in order to accomplish it, you have been chosen as the heavenly patron and protector of the Church, the mystical family of God.

Therefore, it is with great confidence that we implore your powerful assistance for the Archdiocese of Detroit, as we seek to better steward our resources and make our forms of service more effective – all for the sake of safeguarding the Household of God and building up the family of faith. By your ardent prayers before the heavenly Throne of Mercy, obtain for us from God the Holy Spirit all of the graces we need, especially the gift of wisdom in human affairs, so that we will make judgments that are spiritually wise and practically astute realistic, farsighted and beneficial for the future of the Christian community in the Archdiocese, yet in all ways just and for the true benefit of each person touched by what we decide.

As we have been given a share in the charge entrusted to you – the stewardship of Christ's family – so obtain us from God all that we need in order to imitate you in fulfilling this sacred trust. And do, we trust, the family of faith in the Archdiocese will be all the more ready to take up our share in the great mission of the New Evangelization.

V. Mary, Mother of the Church.

R. Pray for us.

"Ite ad Joseph!"

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